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Multimedia & Content Curation

The Mosaic Group is an Atlanta based multimedia and content curation company that puts everything you need to enhance your brand, business, art, or inspiration to the next level. With a specialization in audio engineering for both live events and recording, The Mosaic Group also offers videography, photography, mixing, mastering, brand consultation & management, live stream management, social media management, graphic design, music videos, commercials, co- writing, back end music distribution, and more. Serving the greater Atlanta area and the world via online collaboration, The Mosaic Group is the team you need to bring your creative vision to life and conquer your next creative project, no matter what it may be. Featuring an innovative monthly subscription service, the Mosaic group makes it easy to commission high quality content and distribute it to the world without breaking the bank.

The Mosaic Group Official Commercial

The Mosaic Group Official Commercial

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The Mosaic Group's finest gems lie in its field of audio production. Music production, music recording, engineering mixes for music and film, live sound for concerts and events, field recording for film, and corporate audio visual work are all areas of expertise we hold to a high standard. The company's founder, Carey Durham has been working in the field since he aquired his BA in Audio Engineering back in 2012. He also consults with a professional network of audio experts to make sure all work is top notch.

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The Mosaic Group's vision is to create definition for your brand. We offer a variety of packages in both video and photography services. For starters, video curated by us, consistently achieves sparkling sound quality, crystal clear footage, and fully mixed audio for live music samples or live streams. The Mosaic Group has shot music videos, YouTube videos, testimonials, spotlights, and commercials for a multitude of different businesses. 

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